Pink Noise Audio is the exclusive Australasian sales agent for the Wireless Audio company Q5X. Originally developed for the NBA, Q5X systems have become the number choice for a wide range of sports due to their robust design and uncompromised reliability. They are a unique piece of technology as the outer casing is both flexible and moisture sealed, allowing players to avoid injury when falling and tackling. They are unique as the units can be remotely controlled from the side-line. This includes remote on/off, frequency changes, microphone sensitivity, battery life and metering.

Although we supply the full range of Q5X products, the most in-demand models are:

  • Playermic QT-5100
  • Playermic QT-300
  • Aquamic QT-300QG-N3
  • MicCommander
  • QG-H1 MicCommander
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